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Mercedes Gallardo

She was born in Malaga, Spain and begins her studies of art when she moves to Barcelona and continues learning sculpture in Manolo Hugue Art School, drawing and painting in Massana Art & Design School as well as in different courses on stained glass, primitive art, etching and sacred symbology. In 2006 she opens her own gallery in Cadaques. Women and their inner world are the most important source of inspiration and her paintings represent different situations and feelings conveyed through the faces and the bodies. She makes use of pieces of paper, clipped phrases, songs lyrics and poetry to make collage. Her paintings uses mix technique on canvas, cardboard or wood. The world described in her paintings is a lively colorful world where she brings the faces into focus. She gets away from the figurative representation to experiment with shapes, colors and materials. It is a work based on observation, emotions and feelings.

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